NaBloPoMo: The hairdressers

hair IMG_20120523_185357

It may sound very sad but one of my favourite things to do is to go to the hairdressers.

I go to a place called Andrew Hill which is situated in Newton Abbot. Andrew (the owner) has worked all over the world, winning competitions that include the International Gold Trophy.

The place itself is pretty swanky inside, with a big chandelier that hangs proud in the centre of the room. It has a spiral staircase, large gold mirrors and chairs that massage you whilst you have your hair washed.

I absolutely love having my hair played with so when I have my hair done I am in my element. I am very particular when it comes to choosing a hairdresser. Now that I have found one, her name is Victoria, I cannot have my hair cut by anyone else.

When I go to the salon I usually ask for half a head of highlights, a cut and blow dry. Only when I have saved up a bit of money do I ask for a full head of highlights.

My hair is naturally quite light in colour and Victoria does the highlights very finely so many people do not realise that my hair is not my natural colour. I am quite lucky in that respect, there is nothing worse than light highlights and dark roots!

I usually go into the salon not knowing how to have my hair cut and come out loving whatever Victoria has done to it.

I especially like the way she blow drys my hair and I always wish I could recreate the look myself, but no matter how much I try, it never looks as good.

I feel like one of the rich and famous whenever I am at the hairdressers. I think it is all the glitz and pampering that makes me think this. I definitely come out feeling like a new person.



NaBloPoMo: Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery I have a particular shop that I tend to be drawn towards whenever I plan on buying myself a new ring or some earrings. This particular shop and all their wonderful pieces of jewellery, makes me happy.

The jewellers in question is situated in a small town centre in Newton Abbot. I daren’t give you the exact name because what I like most about the shop is its uniqueness.

The town itself is run down and in need of some up market shops, but the jewellery shop stands out and I always have a look at the window display whenever I am in the area.

For my birthday my mum surprised me with a new pair of earrings from my secret shop and I also picked out a lovely ring.

J Post Ring 1 J Post Ring copy

At the moment, I am really into mixing gold and silver pieces together and that is why I chose this particular ring. It is also a little different from anything you would find in the well known jewellers, which is another reason why I like this shop.

Whenever you look in the windows of almost every jewellers on your typical high street, you will find a range of diamond encrusted rings, watches, necklaces and bracelets, some gold pieces and then some silver next to that. Nowadays, every jewellers has a stash of Pandora charms and a range of Thomas Sabo. Don’t get me wrong, I think diamond rings are lovely if you are getting engaged, and I do have a Pandora bracelet, but when I pacifically go out to buy some jewellery I love to go to the shop in Newton Abbot because it offers something different.

I also like to shop for jewellery in a place called Totnes. There are some lovely, one off, shops that line the hilly streets and this is where I bought my Nomination bracelet. Nomination is apparently the up and coming thing but it has not yet kicked off in the South West. I love the bracelet because it is simple, yet elegant and I can wear it everyday.


Whilst I was in America, I became fond of some bracelets by the brand Alex and Arni. Before I returned home I ended up purchasing four of them, two in silver and two in gold. They are a nice reminder of my travels.

Alex and Ani1

Jewellery is a girls best friend!