NaBloPoMo: The Hare and Bear

bear and hare

Quite recently one of the top trends of twitter wasย #hareandbear and I had no idea what that meant until I sat down to watch Downton with the fam and saw the advert.

Yes, it is a lovely advert…the bear can’t wake up so a hare buys him an alarm clock so he can be with all the animals on Christmas morning with the slogan ‘Give someone a Christmas they will never forget’. How sweet, right?


It first hit our screens on Saturday 9th November during the advert break of X-Factor.

Having read all the tweets about this famous hare and bear, I was looking forward to finally catching a glimpse of them. When I finally saw the advert I did think it was lovely, especially the way it had been hand drawn (the first in UK history to use pencil drawings).

The work that must have gone into the creation of this ยฃ7 million advert obviously paid off due to the amount of hype that surrounded it.

I did however hear a very funny thing on Greg James’ Radio 1 show, unfortunately I didn’t catch who was speaking but whoever it was, firstly, didn’t understand why hare was on top of the bear.

He went on to say:

“There once was an animal that had never seen Christmas – what a looser.”

“Oh he is yawning look, let him sleep he is a bear.”

“What? is the hare in love with him or something?”

“Oh look, here we go, the bears awake now. Why does the hare care so much? The hare bought the bear an alarm clock. It is a bear, don’t wake it up it is supposed to be asleep.”

Whether you think it is silly or ‘cute’, it is the song that I fell in love with; Lily Allen’s eerie rendition of Kean’s Somewhere Only We Know.

If you have not heard it yet, I suggest you get yourselves to their website.

As usual, John Lewis do not disappoint on getting everyone in the mood for Christmas. My Dad even said the advert makes him want to shop at John Lewis, and that is solid proof of its success because he hates shopping!

Christmas makes me happy.

A month to go ๐Ÿ™‚


NaBloPoMo: Loud music

When I am driving in my car I like to play my music a little too loud.

I sing my heart out and don’t really care if any of the other drivers see me.

Encased in my car I feel detached from the world and the music just enhances that feeling.

I don’t pretend to be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to music. I tend to stick to Rihanna, Beyoncรฉ and more recently Birdy. Songs that I can really sing to.

It just brightens up my day.

Car photo

Drawing inspired by the work of Wakana Yokota, 2005.

Travel: Washington airport has comfy floors

On Wednesday 21 August we upped and left the lovely hostel in New York and headed for the Greyhound. I was slightly anxious to discover what awaited me on the coach as I had heard all sorts of horror stories about it beforehand. A friend from camp sent me a message about his experience of the Megabus and I could only imagine a similar thing was about to occur.

In the words of Carlo Dorresteijn, “Megabus is like a weird sort of museum. Wifi comes from a router that appears to be powered by an old, obese, deeply depressed hamster spinning on a rusty wheel with a dynamo ripped from a bike attached to it. A bus driver who keeps chatting through the crackling speakers about the traffic situation still being the way it was five minutes ago in a language I can only guess is supposed to be English. A gay couple heavily making out in the seats behind me [one the size of Peter Kay and the other the size of Dec from the comedy duo, Ant and Dec.] Bus Driver update: Ladies going to the bathroom should not try and crouch over the toilet to avoid touching the seat with their ‘fragile bits’. I went to the toilet, sat down, closed the door, which slammed into my knees a good inch before closing.”

All very delightful tales so you can see why I was a little hesitant about stepping onto the coach. To my surprise the whole journey was a breeze. There was no weird bus driver warning the ladies on board to not crouch over the toilet, no crackling radio and the wifi seemed fast and quiet. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t locate the sound of a dumpy, brown hamster roaming around a rusty wheel. My Greyhound coach story was therefore very uneventful and I ended up playing word association via Whatsapp messaging with my two traveling companions.

Arriving in Washington, DC, I expected it to be a little less humid but unfortunately I was wrong. As soon as you stepped off the air-conditioned coach you were engulfed by this overwhelming humidity. We made our way into Union Station and happily sat eating lunch back in the safety net of air-conditioning. We then took a quick tube to meet Kerry to drop of our bags as she was letting us stay at her house for the night. After briefly saying hello we hopped back on the tube towards the centre because we wanted to go and see the White House.

The White House was very much what the name says it is…white. The grass was also very green and the big black gates that surround the place towered above me.

IMG_5391 IMG_5397 IMG_5412 IMG_5417

It didn’t take long to discover that walking was an issue in the current weather conditions. You took one step but it felt like 50 and Siobhan’s mosquito bites (which had swelled to the size of a mango on her leg) were starting to get to her. Luckily we bumped into Carlo who was leisurely riding around on rentable red bikes. It is these bright ideas of his that gives him the nickname Mr Fantastic.

We soon found ourselves our own red bikes and were gleefully able to cycle around Washington Mall with Carlo as our tour guide. That day we saw the Lincoln Memorial. It was very grand.

IMG_5439 IMG_5443 IMG_5444 IMG_5450

By this time it was around six in the evening so Carlo suggested we head to China town for some dinner. He took us to a Thai restaurant and we enjoyed our first proper meal in DC. (Oh, I forgot to mention, Carlo isn’t actually from DC…he just new a lot about it.)

Tired from the days cycling and traveling we decided to head back to Kerry’s house to relax in preparation for the following day. I don’t really know why I was surprised at the size of her university living space because after living in America for three months, things like this shouldn’t shock me. American’s do not do anything on a small scale. The food portions are huge, the luggage they bring to camp is monstrous and the bagels are gigantic. Why would I ever think that university accommodation would be small, like it is in the UK?

The next day we were out on our personal Carlo tour by lunchtime. As I sat cycling on the red bike I was so grateful of there existence. The breeze that you got from a bit of a downhill made my hair blow and itย was heavenly on the back of my neck.

On that day we cycled along the reflection pool, watched a march at the WWII memorial, made a quick stop at the air and space museum, had a tour around the Roosevelt memorial (which was seven acres), stood next to the giant piece of rock that was carved into Martin Luther King, visited the Thomas Jefferson memorial and looked at the Vietnam Veterans memorial. All in a days cycling.

IMG_5455 IMG_5456 IMG_5460 IMG_5464 IMG_5468 IMG_5470 IMG_5473 IMG_5483 IMG_5486 IMG_5492 IMG_5505

Whilst in Washington, I always felt as though I was being followed by the Washington memorial. It seemed to spring up wherever I went. If you don’t have long to explore the place at least you will be able to say that you saw the tall pointed thing – it is everywhere.

For dinner we went to a place called Vapiano, an Italian in Chinatown (what are the odds?). I shared a pizza with Siobhan and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

On our way to the subway, we stopped and listened to a street band play. They were all so energetic and it sounded great. As entertaining as the band were the real entertainment came from a young man in a very bright pink shirt. His facial expressions and dance moves were killing me, I couldn’t stop laughing. I really wish he was my friend!

IMG_5507 IMG_5531 IMG_5527 IMG_5526 IMG_5524 IMG_5522 IMG_5521 IMG_5520 IMG_5518 IMG_5512

That evening we collected our stuff from Kerry’s, said goodbye to Carlo and thanked him for giving us a guided tour and headed to the airport to spend the night. Sleeping in an airport is very uncomfortable and mundane. The quiet music helped drift me off to sleep but the hard floor made sure it wasn’t a good one. Luckily I slept the whole way on the plane journey to LA.

My favourite thing about Washington was definitely the little red bikes, what was yours?