NaBloPoMo: The Big Bang Theory

Just like Friends, I have become addicted to watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.


Whilst I was at university, one of my housemates and I used to watch it whilst we cooked our dinner. It became some sort of unspoken routine.

We would come home from university or work, re-treat to our bedrooms to do some coursework or browse the daily adventures of our friends on Facebook, and then, at about 5.50pm one of us would shout out, ‘shall we cook dinner?’

We would proceed down the ย stairs to cook whatever we had defrosted that day and whilst it was cooking we would sit, laugh and enjoy an episode (or three) of The Big Bang.

Our little housemate routine made me happy and now whenever I watch The Big Bang, I think of all the times we used to watch the episodes that were repeatedly shown on e4.

One of my favourite episodes is the one were Leonard and the gang return from a big expedition at the North Pole. Penny finally demonstrates to Leonard how she feels about him, by giving him a big kiss as soon as he goes over to her apartment. I guess I am a sucker for a happy ending.


Meanwhile, Raj and Howard break the news to Sheldon that they had tampered with the experiment, in the North Pole, producing the wrong results. This all leads to Sheldon moving back home to live with his mother,ย out of embarrisment having boasted about his ‘findings’ to the whole of the university. His mother begins to drive him crazy with all of her Christian values but he refuses to return to Pasadena.

Luckily the rest of the gang turn up to try and persuade Sheldon to move back in with Leonard.