NaBloPoMo: Memories

Thinking back on all the wonderful things that I have done makes me happy. I’m sure recalling special memories makes many people happy.

I remember going skiing as a child. All wrapped up warm in a onesie style ski suit. Gliding steadily down the slopes, with my sister trailing behind as I followed my dads tracks.


I remember finishing work every afternoon, ringing my friends and arranging to meet at the bench before heading to the beach. This was the famous summer of 2006.

24362_378158689537_3433363_n 308_20988684537_9872_n 2006 summer

I would pack some lunch or pinch some sausages from the fridge to cook on a BBQ for lunch. The boys would always be in control of the cooking. Why do men always like to cook on a BBQ?

Everyday, my friends and I would spend hours playing in the sea and building fires from wood stolen from a hotels dustbin.

On the odd occasion we would all go to my friends pool and spend the day at his house. Pool days were always fun so we often tried to sneak into the big hotels that had nice swimming pools.

It was surprisingly easy to gain access. You simply had to confidently strut past the reception desks as though you were a guest.

At night we would leave the beach and head to the fair. Have a few goes on the bumper cars before returning home. It was a great summer!

I remember when my nan and grandad bought a swing for my sister and I to play on when we visited their house.

That swing provided endless hours of fun for us both. We used to climb on the sides and swing as high as we could.

I remember making pancakes with my dad on pancake day. Mum would chop up lots of fruit to go inside and we would accompany the fruit with chocolate spread or sugar. He taught me how to flip the pancakes and I would always be scared incase it didn’t flip right.

I remember P.E lessons at school, causing havoc on the rugby pitch. Covering our cheeks in mud and stomping our feet.

I remember maths lessons, writing stories with my friend and flirting with the boys I sat near.


I remember nights out in a nightclub that served free drinks before midnight. Everyone from school would be there, dancing like idiots. I used to curl my hair and pin it up in a messy fashion. I thought I looked great.

Part of the fun was the getting ready beforehand. A few of my close friends and I would go to someone’s house to get ready together. Gossip, giggle and plan out outfits.

I remember living with rats (we named one Pablo) in my second year at uni. We had thousands of flies flying round our house. It was disgusting but my flat mates and I all laugh about it now. We will never forget living at 1 Norley Road!


Memories are what keeps me going whenever I feel down. Memories help formulate who we are in the present, whether they are good ones or bad.

‘We do not remember days, we remember moments’ – Unknown Source.


NaBloPoMo: The smell of a bookshop


I absolutely love the smell of new books so walking into a bookshop really makes me happy.

When I lived in Liverpool I used to sit in Waterstones on Bold Street with one of my friends and we would look at all the architecture books for inspiration.

At the time I was in my first year at Liverpool John Moores studying Architecture. I didn’t really enjoy it because I found it hard to get inspired about designing a building.

Whilst I sat in this bookshop my friend would be reading away next to me whilst I pretended to do the same. Instead I would just be sat there enjoying the smell and the peace and quiet.

That year at uni was very hard. I was far away from home for the first time. My halls were hellish with maggots in the kitchen and old, grubby bathrooms. I guess Waterstones was my safe haven. A place I could go to escape the hustle and bustle of university life, a place to recharge my batteries.

Now, whenever I go into a bookshop, I am reminded of my little spot of luxury, hidden away at the back of a Waterstones shop.

I also remember my time in Liverpool as one of the most life changing episodes of my life so far. I grew up a lot that year, learnt to cook, clean and survive in a big city on my own.

Thankfully I made some great friends that also helped me along the way and discovered that Liverpool really is a great place to live.

If any of you ever feel like life in a busy city is getting to you, I advice taking a time out in a gorgeous smelling bookshop!

NaBloPoMo: Surprise Lake Camp’s lake

This summer I took part in Camp America which allowed me spend my summer at Surprise Lake Camp.

I spent many hours on the docks by the lake and it truly made me happy.

This summer, it was ridiculously hot so diving into the lake was very refreshing. I often admired the lifeguards simply because they got to spend all day on the docks and in the lake.

When we all first arrived we had to take a swim test before we could swim in the lake. I expected it to be very cold but because of the hot weather the lake was luke warm.

I never understood the people who complained about going in the lake, it was so fun especially when we got to go on the burger bounce.Β I would get flung into the air and land with a splash into the water.

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