NaBloPoMo: The Big Bang Theory

Just like Friends, I have become addicted to watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.


Whilst I was at university, one of my housemates and I used to watch it whilst we cooked our dinner. It became some sort of unspoken routine.

We would come home from university or work, re-treat to our bedrooms to do some coursework or browse the daily adventures of our friends on Facebook, and then, at about 5.50pm one of us would shout out, ‘shall we cook dinner?’

We would proceed down the  stairs to cook whatever we had defrosted that day and whilst it was cooking we would sit, laugh and enjoy an episode (or three) of The Big Bang.

Our little housemate routine made me happy and now whenever I watch The Big Bang, I think of all the times we used to watch the episodes that were repeatedly shown on e4.

One of my favourite episodes is the one were Leonard and the gang return from a big expedition at the North Pole. Penny finally demonstrates to Leonard how she feels about him, by giving him a big kiss as soon as he goes over to her apartment. I guess I am a sucker for a happy ending.


Meanwhile, Raj and Howard break the news to Sheldon that they had tampered with the experiment, in the North Pole, producing the wrong results. This all leads to Sheldon moving back home to live with his mother, out of embarrisment having boasted about his ‘findings’ to the whole of the university. His mother begins to drive him crazy with all of her Christian values but he refuses to return to Pasadena.

Luckily the rest of the gang turn up to try and persuade Sheldon to move back in with Leonard.


Photographer Angelo Merendino; The Battle We Didn’t Choose

As I scrolled down Facebook, aimlessly reading some of the status’s from my friends, I stumbled upon a link to an article written about photographer Angelo Merendino.

The title of the article read, ‘This guy’s wife got cancer, so he did something unforgetable. The last three photos destroyed me.’ With a heading like that I found difficult to ignore.

I clicked on the link and scrolled down the page looking at these heartbreaking photographs of Angelo Merendino wife’s battle with cancer.

The black and white tones bring out the sadness and hardship that possess the images. The love this man felt for his wife is demonstrated in the candid shots of them both together.

The simplicity of capturing a few pieces of hair in somebody’s hand speaks volumes, demonstrating one of the devastating effects cancer brings with it.

I had to share these incredible, yet tragic photographs. In the face of such sadness, Angelo Merendino has set up an organisation called The Love You Share which aims to help women with the costing struggles of breast cancer. In order to help spread the word, please share this post or one’s like it and visit Angelo Merendino website.

Here you can find the full set of photographs that tell the story of Angelo and Jennifer’s love and her battle with the horrible disease.

Website 10_31_2013 (3 of 26) Website 10_31_2013 (5 of 26) Website 10_31_2013 (17 of 26)

“Love every morsel of the people in your life.” – Jennifer Merendino

Photography: Adventures of the small people.

Instagram PhotographsJanuary 2013

For this months photography blog I turned to Instagram for inspiration. As many of you will know, Instagram is a photo-sharing come social networking service. It allows its users to take photographs and then add a digital filter.

Lending some style guides from what once was a popular camera, the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid, the square shaping is what makes it different from the usual 4:3 aspect ratio we are used to with mobile phones.

What some of you may not know is were it all began, so here is a little history: Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger launched the site in October 2010 and it rapidly became popular. As of September 2012 Facebook bought the company for a whopping $300 million in cash and 23 million shares of stock, with plans to keep it independently managed.

A popular feature that was added to the app in January 2011 known as the hashtag helps users popularise their photographs. It was through such hashtagging that I found my next talented photographer.

User Mike Rubenstein, found at @rubicantekid, takes photographs of his miniature drawings, creating something different from your average picture of food, clothing or cosmetic product.

Rubenstein currently works as an illustrator and whilst on the job he dreamt up an imaginative way to use his Instgram account. The idea developed from one bored happenstance whilst drawing on a post-it note.

He draws pictures of people and places them next to objects that you could normally hold in your hand.

In an interview with Instagram he said: “The first of these little people was really just a doodle from a post-it note, but I got such a kick out of how the photo came out that I started looking around my desk to see what sort of stuff I had lying around… and at this point I can’t look at anything without wondering if a little paper guy might look good alongside it.”

Many people take photographs of the objects he places his drawings next to. What sets Rubenstein apart is the clever way in which he adds interest to the boring, run of the mill pictures of food by adding these comical drawings.

In each photograph, the little drawings not only add a sense of entertainment, they also form a story.     The whole thing reminds me of the film, Honey I Shrunk the Kids. If you haven’t seen the film, it is about a dad who invents a machine that shrinks things. By accident his children get shrunk by the machine and the film depicts their struggles in trying to maneuver around the giant house.

If you could conjure up an image of yourself the size of the drawings, you can imagine what life would be like for the little characters. Robenstein also adds a caption to go with each photograph which also adds to the hilarity.

“The whole fun of the project is in shifting the context of everyday things through these little cutouts,” says Mike.

What I like most about Instagram is the way in which people like Robenstein can express their talents freely, for the world to see using photography. I know I will be looking forward to seeing what other adventures these little, paper people get up to on my Instagram feed.