Comment: Bantham beach in the sunshine

Today has been a beautiful day and I have had the luxury of spending it on Bantham beach. It has been so warm and sunny, I am so glad I got to take a road trip with one of my closest friends before I leave for America.IMG-20130531-WA0001 IMG-20130531-WA0002

The beach is about an hours drive away from where I live and was well worth travelling the extra mile to enjoy (almost) white sand, in comparison to our red sand. I should not really complain because there are some lovely beaches just down the road from where I live, it just makes a change to go and explore somewhere new.IMG_7739 IMG_7741 IMG-20130531-WA0000

I took my camera and I was able to take some lovely photographs of children learning to surf, donkey rides, blue skies and white sand.IMG_7730 IMG_7734

It cost £5 to park in the car park for the whole day. There were toilets available and a food truck, which you could buy ice creams and snacks from. Before we arrived in Bantham my friend and I had stopped off at a local bakery, The Crusty Loaf, to buy chicken with stuffing baps. These rolls are huge, nearly as big as my head and are always fresh and yummy. IMG_7722 IMG_7723 IMG_7728

As soon as we arrived, we found a spot on the beach and tucked into our food. After applying sun cream we began to relax and enjoy the sun, listening to two women talk about their kids. It is so strange listening to other peoples conversations because it makes you realise how different everyones lives are to yours. The two women happened to be talking about how their children like to wonder around naked. I do not have children but I cannot ever imagine expressing to a fellow mother how my child likes to be naked, so weird.IMG_7712 IMG_7717

The women were packing their possessions away and as they picked up their towel we got sprayed with sand. Sand and just applied suncream do not mix which was highly unfortunate as we then had to sit for the rest of the day with sandy stomaches – fun!


Despite being covered in sand, I did enjoy the day because it had been such a long time since I had been able to relax in the sun.


On the way home we blasted our songs and sang along with the windows down with our shades on. It all sounds very cliche but I don’t think I care!



Comment: Tea, cake and Clifton

Yesterday my mum came to visit me in Bristol and I decided to take her to one of my favourite places; Clifton. I enjoy wondering around Clifton village because the people have smiles on their faces and the shops are full of dainty objects that tempt and tease me as I window shop.

Unfortunately the weather was rather miserable so I don’t think my mum was able to gain a true sense of what the village has to offer. Luckily Clifton has an amazing cafe cum restaurant called Primrose Cafe, that we could hide from the rain in for a few hours. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you visit this place. I assure you will not be able to resist one of their homemade cakes to accompany your cup of tea or coffee.IMG_7294 copy

I should probably mention that cups of tea and slices of cake will be a regular feature on this blog because they are two things (amongst others) that I simply couldn’t live without.20130509_150110 copy

What I enjoy about my visits to Primrose, apart from the delicious food, is the quaint decor that makes you feel at home. I previously visited the cafe in December when they had mini Christmas trees and baubles dotted around the place. This time, seeing as Christmas had been and gone, they filled the empty spots where the trees had stood with an ornate picture frame and fairy lights. Large chalk boards inform you of the daily specials and the small service counter is manned by friendly staff who are skilled at making heart shapes out of milk and coffee.

20130509_150006 copy

On this visit I sat upstairs in the corner next to a vintage lamp. I felt hidden away from the 21st century world, free to gossip with my mum about the latest Devonian news. When our food arrived I envied my mums chicken and noodle soup as it looked more like a stew. 20130509_150820

When we felt brave enough to face to rain and wind I decided to show my mum some of the special shops that line the streets. I new it was a bad idea actually entering the shops because I ended up buying a bag when I really should be saving for my travels. I suppose, if the rain had not of forced us to take shelter, I would have been able to defy my urges to spend money.20130509_153832

In my defence, I had been looking for a new bag that I could take traveling with me because my current tote does not have a zip and I consider it rather large to carry round a country. The bag I chose was from About Face a shop that features many different styles of bags in all sorts of colours.20130510_181949 copy20130510_190815

About Face also sells jewellery, accessories, mugs, tableware, wall art, clocks and candles, as well as a variety of other things that all have that vintage look. I always like to go in these types of shops and point out various different objects that I think I will buy when I have my own house. I guess this method is the next best thing to actually buying it all. I hope that after you have finished your tea and cake in Primrose cafe you will take a look in this shop, provided you don’t mind parting with some of your money.

I ended the day with a bedtime film…Peter Pan 🙂

Review: War Horse – Be thankful for his white socks


I realise this film review is a little out of date but I recently watched War Horse and thought I would review it anyway.

Having turned my nose up at the prospect of going to watch it in the cinema, I was pleasantly surprised when I was forced to watch it with my family. Not being a huge horse fan, or a lover of animals for that matter, I did not think I would enjoy a film about a horse and the war. I was very mistaken. I also liked the fact that part of the film had been filmed in Dartmoor (Devon) which is very close to where I live.

Director Steven Spielberg somehow managed to grip my attention from beginning to end with his adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s children’s novel. I know this was the case because I didn’t fall asleep in my extremely tired state. Spielberg described it as his first truly British film. He can say that again.

As you can imagine from the clues in the title, the film follows the life of a horse named Joey. It documents Joey’s life throughout the war by detailing his path from pillar to post coming close to death in no mans land.

It also concentrates on a young adult named Albert (Jeremy Irvine) who decides to enlist to serve in World War I after his closest companion and beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. Hoping to be reunited with his favorite horse. A hope that is surely only but a dream?

War Horse is also so much more. It’s brilliantly staged scenes kick off by unraveling a growing trust between a man and an animal. As a team they surprisingly managed to plough a field. This marvelous sequence is what grips you and stays with you throughout the rest of the film.

Jeremy plays a convincing son of a domineering, alcoholic man. Slightly shunned and shy due to constant put downs from his father. Growing in confidence once he finds friendship in the horse Joey and ultimately battles the horrors of the war whilst nursing his loss.

Previously being celebrated in the theatre’s I couldn’t help but notice the slight theoretical acting with elongated pauses at the end of a hearty speech. There also seemed to be a few, unusually placed, low camera angles which made me imagine I was actually seated in a seat with my head below the stage.

Both man and animal seem to withstand numerous trails and tribulations which pull at your heartstrings. All you want to happen if for the duo to be reunited fit and well. It truly is like a very weird and warped love story. The canter through the battlefield that Joey takes on is remarkably well edited.

Without giving too much away for those who have not watched it…come the end of the film you really do feel yourself let out that held in breath slowly. All I can say is…Thank god for those white socks.