NaBloPoMo: Graduation


Yesterday, I got up bright and early and made my way to Bristol for my graduation.

Prior to the event I wasn’t that excited because all my friends had attended their graduation in the summer whilst I was in America.

However, when I saw the famous sites of Bristol and was gowned up, by a friendly bald headed man, I felt a sense of achievement and my mood soon picked up.

I had professional photographs taken and then another thousand pictures outside with my mum and dad. The reason I had to pose so many times was because neither my mum or dad could work the iPhone camera. For some reason they kept managing to make the photos all blurry. Luckily, in my happy state, I just found it pretty funny.

IMG_5918 IMG_5912 IMG_5910

Then the service began and I started to feel a little nervous about having to walk on the stage to shake the mans hand. Thankfully I did not trip up and it all ran smoothly.

The whole experience was an enjoyable one and I felt proud of myself for graduating with a BA Hons in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.


Job done!


Comment: New blog, new chapter…

As I move closer to finishing my degree I have decided to set up a blog in order to fill my spare time with productive and enjoyable blogging delights.

I can’t quite believe I left sixth form 4 years ago to start, what I thought would be, a new chapter in Liverpool studying Architecture. This was the case for only a year because I ended up beginning yet another chapter soon after in Bristol, where I am now about to finish a degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. I have to say that I am looking forward to moving on from studying, especially as I have lots of traveling plans for this upcoming year. You could say I am currently standing on the edge of a curb about to step into the unknown, just like I was 4 years ago when I left school. I imagine this blog will follow my footsteps as I try and find my way around America, hopefully Europe and then into the ‘real’ world of work.

I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say.