Scented candles made me feel all Christmassy


Yesterday, I spent the day wondering the hippy streets of Totnes.

First stop was at a small tea room that sells the most delicious crumble and custard, ever!

Later on I walked into a shop called Penelopeton. It sells lovely unique trinkets, perfect for stocking fillers. It was a case of going into all the shops along the street to hide out from the blowing wind.

Whilst I was in there all I did was hunt round the shop smelling all the different candles that were on display.

In the end my mum said that she would buy me one for Christmas. I chose one called fairy dust. They all smelt so beautiful it was very hard to choose.

According to the website the products are all hand made in Somerset.

If any of you are stuck on what to buy family members or girlfriends for Christmas, I highly recommend these Lilly Flame products.

Totnes, with its windy streets and shops that sold smelly goods, made me feel all Christmassy.


NaBloPoMo: Bubble baths and candles

There is nothing more enjoyable than a hot bath with lots of bubbles.

I light my pink little tea lights and place them around the bathtub.

At the moment I am re-reading the first Harry Potter book as I am too poor to buy any new books. I must admit that the Harry Potter collection are always my fall back on books. Each time I read them I discover something new about the story that I hadn’t really paid attention to on my last read.

I like getting the yellowing pages wet whilst I sit in the bath and read the book.

I buy the radox muscle soak bubble bath which works a treat after a gym session. It smells fresh and you can’t help but sink into the bubbles.

On average I sit and relax for about an hour or so. I occasionally dunk my head under the water, listening to the exaggerated sounds of my body lightly hitting the sides of the bathtub. It allows me to escape and I am able to get all my thoughts in order.


Drawing credit: Pomegranate-Pen