NaBloPoMo: Last but not the end

I have really enjoyed writing blog posts everyday. It has been a struggle at times, trying to juggle work and blogging but overall I have enjoyed it.

I hope you have all enjoyed my ‘what makes me happy series’. I have loved writing about things that make me happy because it made me happy thinking about them all. If I ever get miserable I plan on reading these posts. If any of you fellow bloggers ever plan on doing a similar thing, let me know so I can read everything that makes others happy.

Next month I plan on trying to continue regular blogging by posting at least one post a week.

As we near the official countdown to Christmas, I hope everyone is getting in the festive spirit – I certainly am!

November, it has been a pleasure…I can rest now!



NaBloPoMo: Shopping

Now that I have finally climbed my way out of my overdraft, with a little hard work, a girl needs a treat to cheer her up.

I have been a little naughty by buying a few new items to cram into my stuffed wardrobe.

Zara is my new best friend and I am a very happy girl when I leave the shop with an odd top or a pair of trousers.

The other day, on my trip to Bristol, I couldn’t resist the urge to have a little wander into some of the shops.

I fell in love with a sequin dress in Topshop but I couldn’t justify spending £68 when I had just bought a pair of jeans and a black spotty top in Zara.


I recently had a sort out so I was left with only one pair of jeans (they were a must have).

When it comes to jeans I look for comfort and stretch. I cannot stand jeans that are so stiff you can’t bend or move in, that is why I tend to go for the bigger size. I also like it if they look a little scruffy so I decided to go for a faded pair of skinny jeans from Zara.

Jeans Zara

I love the tiny little spots that are covered all over the top I bought, I also love the colour black…it is slimming and goes with everything.

Here are a few of my other favourite items that I have seen on the rails recently…


NaBloPoMo: Graduation


Yesterday, I got up bright and early and made my way to Bristol for my graduation.

Prior to the event I wasn’t that excited because all my friends had attended their graduation in the summer whilst I was in America.

However, when I saw the famous sites of Bristol and was gowned up, by a friendly bald headed man, I felt a sense of achievement and my mood soon picked up.

I had professional photographs taken and then another thousand pictures outside with my mum and dad. The reason I had to pose so many times was because neither my mum or dad could work the iPhone camera. For some reason they kept managing to make the photos all blurry. Luckily, in my happy state, I just found it pretty funny.

IMG_5918 IMG_5912 IMG_5910

Then the service began and I started to feel a little nervous about having to walk on the stage to shake the mans hand. Thankfully I did not trip up and it all ran smoothly.

The whole experience was an enjoyable one and I felt proud of myself for graduating with a BA Hons in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.


Job done!

NaBloPoMo: Winter walks

lewisAs much as I like summer, I really do love the winter. I may moan about being cold but wearing lots of layers or staying in bed having film days is so much fun.

I know there is nothing stopping you staying in bed in the summer but for some reason I feel a lot more guilty if the sun is shining outside. The cold and rainy weather almost gives you an excuse to be lazy.

I love the autumnal colours and the rocky sea waves. My friend and I like to walk her dog through a place called Cockington. We wear wellies with thick socks and follow the little Westie into the mud puddles.

Cockington is a lovely place, it has a grand manner that sells yummy cream teas and lots of walking paths along lakes or through the trees.

cockington court cockington(3)

NaBloPoMo: Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery I have a particular shop that I tend to be drawn towards whenever I plan on buying myself a new ring or some earrings. This particular shop and all their wonderful pieces of jewellery, makes me happy.

The jewellers in question is situated in a small town centre in Newton Abbot. I daren’t give you the exact name because what I like most about the shop is its uniqueness.

The town itself is run down and in need of some up market shops, but the jewellery shop stands out and I always have a look at the window display whenever I am in the area.

For my birthday my mum surprised me with a new pair of earrings from my secret shop and I also picked out a lovely ring.

J Post Ring 1 J Post Ring copy

At the moment, I am really into mixing gold and silver pieces together and that is why I chose this particular ring. It is also a little different from anything you would find in the well known jewellers, which is another reason why I like this shop.

Whenever you look in the windows of almost every jewellers on your typical high street, you will find a range of diamond encrusted rings, watches, necklaces and bracelets, some gold pieces and then some silver next to that. Nowadays, every jewellers has a stash of Pandora charms and a range of Thomas Sabo. Don’t get me wrong, I think diamond rings are lovely if you are getting engaged, and I do have a Pandora bracelet, but when I pacifically go out to buy some jewellery I love to go to the shop in Newton Abbot because it offers something different.

I also like to shop for jewellery in a place called Totnes. There are some lovely, one off, shops that line the hilly streets and this is where I bought my Nomination bracelet. Nomination is apparently the up and coming thing but it has not yet kicked off in the South West. I love the bracelet because it is simple, yet elegant and I can wear it everyday.


Whilst I was in America, I became fond of some bracelets by the brand Alex and Arni. Before I returned home I ended up purchasing four of them, two in silver and two in gold. They are a nice reminder of my travels.

Alex and Ani1

Jewellery is a girls best friend!

NaBloPoMo: Bubble baths and candles

There is nothing more enjoyable than a hot bath with lots of bubbles.

I light my pink little tea lights and place them around the bathtub.

At the moment I am re-reading the first Harry Potter book as I am too poor to buy any new books. I must admit that the Harry Potter collection are always my fall back on books. Each time I read them I discover something new about the story that I hadn’t really paid attention to on my last read.

I like getting the yellowing pages wet whilst I sit in the bath and read the book.

I buy the radox muscle soak bubble bath which works a treat after a gym session. It smells fresh and you can’t help but sink into the bubbles.

On average I sit and relax for about an hour or so. I occasionally dunk my head under the water, listening to the exaggerated sounds of my body lightly hitting the sides of the bathtub. It allows me to escape and I am able to get all my thoughts in order.


Drawing credit: Pomegranate-Pen

NaBloPoMo: Photography

I have decided to try and blog once a day as part of the National Blog Posting Month challenge.

I hope it will encourage me to regularly update my blog with new content, rather than leave it from week to week, like I do at the moment.

Whilst I was at camp lots of the staff started a happy book. The idea behind it revolves around finding out what makes other people happy. The owner of the happy book goes round to all their friends and gets them to write as many things as they can think of that makes them feel happy.

I thought it was a lovely idea and a great way to get to know someone. When I read some of the entries I found out new and interesting things about my friends that I did not know. Most of the things were silly and insignificant but it still allowed you to understand that person on a deeper level.

It also helped you relate to each other because you realised that you had more in common with someone than you previously thought.

I have decided to focus the majority of this months posts on what makes me happy and maybe some of you will be able to relate to me.

Were appropriate I will probably post pictures to go along with my posts as one of the things that makes me happy is photography.

I think this is were I will begin…

I really enjoy going to new cities and taking photographs of the people, architecture and interesting things that catch my eye.

A favourite subject of mine is my dad. I just find him interesting. He hasn’t got a stereotypically photogenic face but for some reason I enjoy capturing him in his natural surroundings.

tumblr_m0qbxd1clI1qj59roo1_1280 tumblr_m0qddxdy1H1qj59roo1_1280

I also find it a personal victory whenever I am able to catch a great shot of an unusual person I see on the street. Street photography is extremely difficult and I take my hat off to all the street photographers out there.

I guess when I have my camera in my hand I am in my own little world. Wondering around taking pictures of this and that. It is just something I enjoy to do.