Travel: Poison ivy, lake fun and the Olympics,

Over the past few days I have managed to bond a little with the campers who I share my bunk with. They are very sporty and keep asking me to try and do an American accent. Now I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I think I am pretty good at it now! They were impressed anyway!

I also went in the lake for the second time. I did another four laps of the lake which allowed me to use the diving board and a burger bounce.

Both the diving board and burger bounce were a lot of fun and I cannot wait to go back in the lake again! It was so refreshing after I spent the entire day wondering around camp teaching, taking pictures and sweating.

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For the past few days I have been so itchy and my ankles have developed blister spots. I thought I had just had an allergic reaction to mosquito bites but after visiting the nurse I discovered I have a poison Ivey infection. I apparently just have to wait for it to scab over and then I am all better! Mark (a fellow English friend at camp) came with me to the health centre and made me laugh along the way!

That night I also had to sit OD (on duty) in a different unit. This involves sitting in a certain spot from 9.30-12.30, making sure the campers go to sleep. It was very boring and I am not looking forward to doing it again next week. It also doesn’t help that I was nearly falling asleep because camp life is truly tiring!

The past two days have been crazy. Olympics, also known as colour war broke out at camp. It is one of the biggest camp events. The entire camp is split into 4 different colours, this year there was white Captain America team, blue Spiderman, red Iron Man and black Batman. Essentially it is supposed to be kept a secret until the Olympic break out occurs. Steve put together a audio clip and asked two councellors to have a dance off between each other. Half way through the clip Whammy’s (a man who has the most distinctive voice at camp) voice comes booming through the speakers. Everyone is wondering what is going on and then he announces the beginning of the colour war. We had Batman enter on a bat-o-cart, Captain America jumping from a shack at the back of the theater, Spiderman swinging from the roof and Iron Man climbing onto the stage. Everyone was going absolutely crazy and I had to try and capture the whole thing in pictures.

IMG_9074 IMG_9101_2 IMG_9102 IMG_9109_2 IMG_9110

Overnight, whilst all the campers were asleep, camp had been transformed with banners supporting different teams strung up everywhere! Everyone was dressed in their assigned colours and the constant stream of chants began at breakfast. I spent the day taking pictures of all the different Olympic events and ended up staying up until 2am to edit and upload them all so parents could see. Yesterday was also the 4th July so lots of people had big American flags and we had to sing happy birthday to America in the dining hall.

IMG_9164_2 IMG_9442 IMG_9497 IMG_9548 IMG_9752

I also managed to take a dip in the lake, in between taking pictures, which was a relief because it was such a hot day. I think I have established that my favourite part of camp is the lake, it is just so fun.