NaBloPoMo: Last but not the end

I have really enjoyed writing blog posts everyday. It has been a struggle at times, trying to juggle work and blogging but overall I have enjoyed it.

I hope you have all enjoyed my ‘what makes me happy series’. I have loved writing about things that make me happy because it made me happy thinking about them all. If I ever get miserable I plan on reading these posts. If any of you fellow bloggers ever plan on doing a similar thing, let me know so I can read everything that makes others happy.

Next month I plan on trying to continue regular blogging by posting at least one post a week.

As we near the official countdown to Christmas, I hope everyone is getting in the festive spirit – I certainly am!

November, it has been a pleasure…I can rest now!



Comment: What a way to end it…

This weekend, my three years at university came to an end. On Thursday evening, I returned to Bristol with my mum in preparation to hang my final year photographs on the wall in the Philadelphia Street Gallery in Cabot Circus.

Throughout the year I have been working towards this point on a project that explores surveillance and voyeurism. All my hard work has been recorded on another blog which comprised a percentage of my final grade, feel free to have a gander.

On Friday I was up early and out the door before 10am. We arrived at Philadelphia Street Gallery with drill and supplies in hand. As soon as we got there I was shown to the area of the gallery which had been allocated for me to display my images. We immediately got to work, plotting the places where they were to be hung.

The hanging process was slightly complicated as I was not just putting frames onto a wall. After 9 hours of solid work and with the help of a fellow student (my knight in shining armour), I finally had an exhibition piece that I could be proud of.

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We did not end up leaving until 7pm, hungry and tired we headed to Bella Italia and I enjoyed a lovely pizza.


The following evening was the opening night of the exhibition. Lots of people arrived to celebrate all the students hard work. I feel it was a great way to end my three years at the university.


A few weeks beforehand, I attended the UWE Summer Ball and enjoyed an evening of dancing, drinking, dodgem rides and candy floss. This was another great way to end the three years at uni and we took some lovely photographs of that night which I wish to share…

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University has been packed full with new experiences, friendships and a lot of work. Like anything in life, there has been good and bad points to the three years I have spent in Bristol.

I have loved, lost and laughed my way through it all and have finally come out the other end with a whole new set of possibilities for my future. Without a shadow of a doubt, third year has definitely been the best year for me. I lived in a lovely house with three girls that couldn’t be more different from each other. I think that is what made life at uni so interesting. I joined the dance society and ended up performing a hip hop routine in the show, I must mention I cannot dance. I made friends with two lovely men and have learnt a lot from witnessing their solid relationship with one another. I rekindled a friendship with my ex boyfriend and feel proud to say that I can be friends with an ex without complications, simply because we make better friends than we did boyfriend/girlfriend. I have also explored the city a bit more and found some lovely cafes that serve cake and my favourite tipple, tea.

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Second year was probably one of the toughest, dealing with a break up and living with dead, rotting rats that produced flies was not ideal. That said, with my flatmates in tow, we lived in the rat house and made some amazing memories that actually make me miss the place. I think the one of the best questions I have ever been asked, happened in that house…Lauren: “Where does all the rubbish go?!” I guess you had to be there! Beyonce’s album will forever be linked to the car journeys I had with my flatmate Lauren that year!

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And first year was the most bizarre and unimaginable year out of them all. When I think back to that year I can hardly believe it was part of the same chapter, it could not have been more different to what my life is like now.

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With no regrets I now look forward to my future and whatever adventures that may bring. Goodbye Bristol and the people I met there! You will all be missed!