Photography: Camp America project planning, ‘create a rainbow’

Whilst I am in America, I will be teaching children photography and I have therefore had to prepare various projects that I propose to teach them.

The campers range in ages from 7-15 years so I have produced a number of activities that cater for these different age groups. Over the next few weeks I plan on producing examples for the children to look at so they understand what it is they are expected to produce.

Today I carried out the ‘Create a rainbow’ project. This requires each camper to go out and find different things that have the colours of the rainbow. They will need to take photographs of these objects so that when the images are put together they form the colours of a rainbow. What will make this project interesting is the different textures/patterns that will appear on each colour.

Within this exercise the campers will be taught about macro photography and the importance of looking at things differently to see if they can create an interesting photograph by getting close to the subject.

Here is my example:

Rainbow Project Example


Comment: Laser cutters are cool…

Last Tuesday I went to Bower Ashton, a campus that is part of my university. I don’t usually go to this campus because my course is based at a different one. On this occasion I had booked to use the laser cutter as I needed to cut some wood and photographs into circles.Β Bower20130514_121251

The lady who was helping me with the laser had recently produced an impressive wooden horse that is featured in the Soutbank Arts Trail, an event that occurred over this weekend. I do not know much about how she managed to produce the horse but I assume it involved an initial design, transferring this design into illustrator in order to add engraving and cut marks, spray paint and screws to assemble it. A very long and technical process which deserves acknowledgement.

I think it looks very impressive and I am gutted I couldn’t go and see it amongst all the other pieces this weekend.


Cutting my circles took a while so I decided to take some photographs of the wonderful things different students have produced using this laser cutter.