I’m a 22 year old Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies student living in Devon. I previously spent a year wondering the streets of Liverpool, trying to enjoy a degree in architecture, before deciding to change course which landed me in Bristol.

I have enjoyed writing since I was child even though grammar and spelling aren’t my strongest asset – luckily computers tend to correct most of the mistakes :). I imagine on this blog you will find articles about film and photography, as well as stories that depict my adventures across the country and hopefully around the world (once I can afford it).

Now that I have graduated I plan on hopping on planes or trains with my trusty camera in order to see a bit of the world before delving into a full time career. I have a passion for photography, writing and filming and I am encouraged and relieved by the fact that everyone was once an amateur at some point in their profession. I therefore plan to experiment in various media in the hope that one day I will become a paid professional in something I thoroughly enjoy.

I currently manage The Baytree’s social media accounts and have previously worked as a photography blogger and news editor for the student newspaper WesternEye. I have also written for the Herald Express, Devon’s local newspaper.

If you’d like to contact me, please feel free to do so!

Email: daniellescregg@gmail.com
Twitter: @DanielleScregg

All images and text (apart from quotes which are credited where known) copyright Danielle Scregg AKA splashesofvelvet.


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