NaBloPoMo: Bedding


Climbing into your own bed after a long day, especially if the bedding has just been changed, makes me happy.

I really have a thing for buying bedding as well. Marks and Spencer’s is a one of my favourite places to go for it. It is such good quality and I also can’t resist popping into the cafe for a cuppa and a piece of cake.

I really am looking forward to having my own house that I can buy lots of lovely cushions and bedding for all the rooms.

A while ago I posted this on my other blog…

11th April 2012

Returning to the family home to be welcomed by new bedding, pillows, duvet and the covers that protect, decorate and personalize any room was a nice surprise. What was even more of a surprise was the way they made me feel when I first climbed among the freshly washed covers. I think the feeling came down to the mass of buoyancy the new duvet contained. I was just engulfed by spongy softness and familiar smells. I felt like a queen. I also slept, undisturbed throughout the night, something I haven’t been able to do for months. I first thought that it was down to the new bedding but after evaluating my state of mind I realised that it was in fact down to my new found contentment with my own life. Finding this had took a while but now I have found it, I intend to hold on to it.

β€œLet your past make you better, not bitter.”


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