Travel: Leaving England…

The day of my flight finally arrived. Up bright and early, I made my way to Heathrow airport, terminal 3, with my friend Chris.

It was nice to be able to travel to the airport with someone as it made it less stressful. The previous day I had made the journey from Devon to London and I spent the night at Chris’.

Once at the airport we sailed through check in and security. The buzzer didn’t go off when I walked through which was a surprise. Whilst waiting to board the plane I savoured my last English bacon butty and spotted the Ted Baker shop.

Chris’ flight was at 2pm so once I had munched my way through the bap it was time to say our goodbyes.

Alone at the airport, I headed to Ted Baker to ‘just have a look’. When I realised all the stuff was half price I made a beeline for the purses. I have wanted one of these purses for over a year now so was so excited to find they only cost £35 instead of there usual £75. Extremly happy with my bargain I walked away and decided to look around the seating area to see if I could see anyone else with a Camp America (CA) top on. I walked over to a girl and we gave eachother an awkward smile. I motioned to sit next to her and she seemed willing. We ended up chatting until the flight was due to board and at that point there was a big group of CA travelers. It was all very exciting which made the pre flight nervs sudside.

A very excitable and friendly girl asked if I wouldn’t mind being intereviewed as she was a vlogger for CA. Knowing how difficult it can be to get people to comply I agreed. It was all light hearted fun, with cheering and laughter.

After walking through the tunnel that connects the plane to the airport, I found my seat and waited with baited breath to find out who my ‘plane partner’ was going to be. A young guy came and sat next to the window which left one seat in the middle. I waited and waited until the pilot began to tell us we were about to take off before coming to the conclusion thatI  actually didn’t have anyone sitting next to me. I could barely believe my luck, first a half price purse and now extra leg room and no worries of someone smelling of BO.


Take off always makes me feel weird, my tummy feels like it is being bounced up and down. Once in the air I began to watch Les Mis. Half way through the film, just as the melas were being handed out, we hit some turbulance. I began feeling rather ill so once the seatbelt signs were turned off I headed for the toilet to be sick. Typical me!

After that I felt fine and carried on watching the film and eating the just about edible plane food. It was funny how they described the food on the menu, it made it sound delightful.


On the plane there were rows and rows of CA travelers, I made friends with the girl who sat across the walkway. Her name was Kate and during the flight she just began laughing at me because I was kitted out with so much plane gear. I had kids ear plugs that helped relieve the pain you get in your ears when flying, a cool strip for my forehead, PJs to keep comfy and my inflatable neck pillow. I recommend everyone get these essential flying itemsto make your journey better!

After I finished watching Life of Pi it was nearly time to land. Once on the ground, we headed through security and boy do they hate it if you use your phones. A mean looking man hovered over us and waited for this boy to notice his mistake before humiliating him infront of the rest of the que. I’m just glad it wasn’t me!

The whole security process was a little scary. I wasn’t particularly scared until I approached the desk and the security guy through my passport back at me and told me to remove the cover. He was so rude!

I was amazed at how quickly and easy it was to retrieve my suitcase. The whole airport experiece almost felt too good to be true.

We then all piled onto a couch and were dropped off at the hotel were we were to spend the night before heading to camp.


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