Travel: Day three…

Today I was up and heading down to breakfast by 7.30. I had cornflakes and these chocolate ball things that reminded me of coco rocks from home.

After breakfast I helped Steve decide on film clips he could use to make part of an orientation meeting more enjoyable for the new staff.

I then went to my dreaded bunk to unpack my stuff properly and de-bug the place. I am pretty impressed with how well I coped with the amount of cobwebs and bugs I removed that morning. I feel like I am getting used to the creepy crawlies being everywhere. As my bunk buddy keeps telling me, it’s camp!

By the time I had finished organising the bunk I was starving. I then made the ten minute walk back to the Mainside camp for lunch. This consisted of very thick wraps with chicken and salad. The chicken had a nice flavour to it and as always, the salad was nice – who new I would be enjoying some salad?!

After lunch I sat and chatted to a few other English people down by the lake before returning to the office.

Apparently there is supposed to be a thunder storm today and as I type this the sky is getting gloomier. Other staff members have commented on how crazy the thunder storms can be. It could be a new experience!


The rain did arrive and so did thunder and lightning! It was pretty loud but has calmed down now.

For dinner we had BBQ chicken with homemade potatoe wedges…and salad, lovely!

After dinner I went and watched some other staff members play basketball. They all left the court pretty sweaty looking.

It has been a good day!


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