Daniel Berehulak shares scenes from the 10 days of mourning for Nelson Mandela


Earlier this month, social media exploded with status’ about the death of Nelson Mandela.

He was a truly inspiring man that achieved incredible things during his life and whilst being the first black president of South Africa.

Today, Nelson Mandela was buried in Qunu, following a memorial service in his village after 10 days of mourning.

Photographer Daniel Berehulak (an Australian photojournalist) has been photographing the past 10 days for the New York Times.

The images show the thousands of people that came to pay their respects. The crowds emotion is very evident in his photographs and so is the celebration of a life well lived.





“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” – Nelson Mandela

Rest in peace.


Scented candles made me feel all Christmassy


Yesterday, I spent the day wondering the hippy streets of Totnes.

First stop was at a small tea room that sells the most delicious crumble and custard, ever!

Later on I walked into a shop called Penelopeton. It sells lovely unique trinkets, perfect for stocking fillers. It was a case of going into all the shops along the street to hide out from the blowing wind.

Whilst I was in there all I did was hunt round the shop smelling all the different candles that were on display.

In the end my mum said that she would buy me one for Christmas. I chose one called fairy dust. They all smelt so beautiful it was very hard to choose.

According to the website the products are all hand made in Somerset.

If any of you are stuck on what to buy family members or girlfriends for Christmas, I highly recommend these Lilly Flame products.

Totnes, with its windy streets and shops that sold smelly goods, made me feel all Christmassy.

NaBloPoMo: Last but not the end

I have really enjoyed writing blog posts everyday. It has been a struggle at times, trying to juggle work and blogging but overall I have enjoyed it.

I hope you have all enjoyed my ‘what makes me happy series’. I have loved writing about things that make me happy because it made me happy thinking about them all. If I ever get miserable I plan on reading these posts. If any of you fellow bloggers ever plan on doing a similar thing, let me know so I can read everything that makes others happy.

Next month I plan on trying to continue regular blogging by posting at least one post a week.

As we near the official countdown to Christmas, I hope everyone is getting in the festive spirit – I certainly am!

November, it has been a pleasure…I can rest now!


NaBloPoMo: Shopping

Now that I have finally climbed my way out of my overdraft, with a little hard work, a girl needs a treat to cheer her up.

I have been a little naughty by buying a few new items to cram into my stuffed wardrobe.

Zara is my new best friend and I am a very happy girl when I leave the shop with an odd top or a pair of trousers.

The other day, on my trip to Bristol, I couldn’t resist the urge to have a little wander into some of the shops.

I fell in love with a sequin dress in Topshop but I couldn’t justify spending £68 when I had just bought a pair of jeans and a black spotty top in Zara.


I recently had a sort out so I was left with only one pair of jeans (they were a must have).

When it comes to jeans I look for comfort and stretch. I cannot stand jeans that are so stiff you can’t bend or move in, that is why I tend to go for the bigger size. I also like it if they look a little scruffy so I decided to go for a faded pair of skinny jeans from Zara.

Jeans Zara

I love the tiny little spots that are covered all over the top I bought, I also love the colour black…it is slimming and goes with everything.

Here are a few of my other favourite items that I have seen on the rails recently…


NaBloPoMo: Graduation


Yesterday, I got up bright and early and made my way to Bristol for my graduation.

Prior to the event I wasn’t that excited because all my friends had attended their graduation in the summer whilst I was in America.

However, when I saw the famous sites of Bristol and was gowned up, by a friendly bald headed man, I felt a sense of achievement and my mood soon picked up.

I had professional photographs taken and then another thousand pictures outside with my mum and dad. The reason I had to pose so many times was because neither my mum or dad could work the iPhone camera. For some reason they kept managing to make the photos all blurry. Luckily, in my happy state, I just found it pretty funny.

IMG_5918 IMG_5912 IMG_5910

Then the service began and I started to feel a little nervous about having to walk on the stage to shake the mans hand. Thankfully I did not trip up and it all ran smoothly.

The whole experience was an enjoyable one and I felt proud of myself for graduating with a BA Hons in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.


Job done!

NaBloPoMo: Winter walks

lewisAs much as I like summer, I really do love the winter. I may moan about being cold but wearing lots of layers or staying in bed having film days is so much fun.

I know there is nothing stopping you staying in bed in the summer but for some reason I feel a lot more guilty if the sun is shining outside. The cold and rainy weather almost gives you an excuse to be lazy.

I love the autumnal colours and the rocky sea waves. My friend and I like to walk her dog through a place called Cockington. We wear wellies with thick socks and follow the little Westie into the mud puddles.

Cockington is a lovely place, it has a grand manner that sells yummy cream teas and lots of walking paths along lakes or through the trees.

cockington court cockington(3)

NaBloPoMo: Instagram

What makes me happy about Instagram are Instagram’s own posts. I have found so many interesting people/photographers simply by reading what the team behind Instagram share with us.

The other day I found someone called ruddyroye, thanks to a post about his work by Instagram.

Since then I have been following his work and this particular post made me smile (I took screen shots of the Instagram feed)…




I firstly thought the picture was interesting and it reminded me of when I was trying to take pictures of strangers on the subway myself.

Then I read what he had written about it and found it even more interesting. Someone posted a comment on the post saying, ‘I feel like I am sitting next to you watching this transpire’ and she couldn’t have been more right.

The way he describes the happenings on this train really do make you feel as though you could have been there yourself.

The expressions on the faces in the photograph ruddy has captured also speak a thousand words.

Judgement is a way of life. We all do it even if we wish we didn’t.

I look forward to seeing more of his work on my feed.

Thank you Instagram

NaBloPoMo: The Hare and Bear

bear and hare

Quite recently one of the top trends of twitter was #hareandbear and I had no idea what that meant until I sat down to watch Downton with the fam and saw the advert.

Yes, it is a lovely advert…the bear can’t wake up so a hare buys him an alarm clock so he can be with all the animals on Christmas morning with the slogan ‘Give someone a Christmas they will never forget’. How sweet, right?


It first hit our screens on Saturday 9th November during the advert break of X-Factor.

Having read all the tweets about this famous hare and bear, I was looking forward to finally catching a glimpse of them. When I finally saw the advert I did think it was lovely, especially the way it had been hand drawn (the first in UK history to use pencil drawings).

The work that must have gone into the creation of this £7 million advert obviously paid off due to the amount of hype that surrounded it.

I did however hear a very funny thing on Greg James’ Radio 1 show, unfortunately I didn’t catch who was speaking but whoever it was, firstly, didn’t understand why hare was on top of the bear.

He went on to say:

“There once was an animal that had never seen Christmas – what a looser.”

“Oh he is yawning look, let him sleep he is a bear.”

“What? is the hare in love with him or something?”

“Oh look, here we go, the bears awake now. Why does the hare care so much? The hare bought the bear an alarm clock. It is a bear, don’t wake it up it is supposed to be asleep.”

Whether you think it is silly or ‘cute’, it is the song that I fell in love with; Lily Allen’s eerie rendition of Kean’s Somewhere Only We Know.

If you have not heard it yet, I suggest you get yourselves to their website.

As usual, John Lewis do not disappoint on getting everyone in the mood for Christmas. My Dad even said the advert makes him want to shop at John Lewis, and that is solid proof of its success because he hates shopping!

Christmas makes me happy.

A month to go 🙂

NaBloPoMo: Printing photographs

Today I spent hours going through all the photographs that I have taken during 2013. Once a year I do this because it makes me very happy having a whole years worth of images printed out.

When I manage to get my own house I have big plans for some the photographs I have printed out, but for now they get stored in photo albums. With the special photographs that remind me of special events in my life, I plan to create an entire wall filled with different sized and shaped photo frames.

9dd2f36b2fcabba47aef3717bd429a5c 600x914xArt-Gallery-Wall-Ideas-50-1-Kindesign.jpg.pagespeed.ic.YOgjdoF4mL traditional-bedroom Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 17.47.42 Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 17.47.59

I use photobox to print all my mobile and digital pictures because they often have lots of offers on. This time I managed to print 485 pictures for £20.00 + £6.49 postage.

I cannot wait for them to be delivered.


NaBloPoMo: The Big Bang Theory

Just like Friends, I have become addicted to watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.


Whilst I was at university, one of my housemates and I used to watch it whilst we cooked our dinner. It became some sort of unspoken routine.

We would come home from university or work, re-treat to our bedrooms to do some coursework or browse the daily adventures of our friends on Facebook, and then, at about 5.50pm one of us would shout out, ‘shall we cook dinner?’

We would proceed down the  stairs to cook whatever we had defrosted that day and whilst it was cooking we would sit, laugh and enjoy an episode (or three) of The Big Bang.

Our little housemate routine made me happy and now whenever I watch The Big Bang, I think of all the times we used to watch the episodes that were repeatedly shown on e4.

One of my favourite episodes is the one were Leonard and the gang return from a big expedition at the North Pole. Penny finally demonstrates to Leonard how she feels about him, by giving him a big kiss as soon as he goes over to her apartment. I guess I am a sucker for a happy ending.


Meanwhile, Raj and Howard break the news to Sheldon that they had tampered with the experiment, in the North Pole, producing the wrong results. This all leads to Sheldon moving back home to live with his mother, out of embarrisment having boasted about his ‘findings’ to the whole of the university. His mother begins to drive him crazy with all of her Christian values but he refuses to return to Pasadena.

Luckily the rest of the gang turn up to try and persuade Sheldon to move back in with Leonard.